Who We Are

About us

SmartZyme Biopharma is a biotech company utilizing its advanced protein engineering platform to quickly develop novel biopharmaceuticals.

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The SmartZyme team includes a board of experienced global biotech leaders, senior management with proven entrepreneurial track records, and highly skilled scientists that bring significant expertise from multidisciplinary backgrounds.

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Since establishment the company has successfully raised $10.5M through several investment rounds. SmartZyme's lead investor is OrbiMed.

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What We Do

SmartZyme develops superior biologicals for various medical applications

The Platform

SmartZyme employs a unique approach to enhance the clinical performance of proteins in a relatively short period of time. Our protein engineering process starts with a comprehensive review of the available scientific literature and IP estates, followed by a structure-based computational analysis to refine and further define the process. The company's protein engineering methodology is based on "directed evolution", a random gene manipulation, followed by effective enzymatic assays (selection process). The high efficiency of the process allows for the desired improvement in multiple characteristics, like activity, stability, specificity and more.


SmartZyme develops biopharmaceuticals to target clinical conditions that are either unaddressed or inadequately addressed by existing drugs. SmartZyme is able to target a broad range of applications using its technology and is able to add a new lead candidate to its pipeline each year given the platform's efficiency.

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