Experimental approach

In a parallel process, SmartZyme‚Äôs protein engineers conduct in-depth literature review and analysis for the development, adaptation and invention of assays to select the most promising protein mutants. 


Structural biologists utilize experimental and in-silico approaches for the generation of protein models that further support protein engineering methodologies and focus on the construction and assembly of mutant libraries. 


Once these libraries are generated, the vast number of protein mutants are screened with basic and advanced assays, several of which highly mimic real life conditions.


The company invests significant resources in continuous research toward the development of accurate and reliable screening assays. 


As part of the assembly of libraries, the team screens for multiple protein expression systems (microbial or mammalian) and thoroughly evaluates them. This evaluation leads to identifying the best yield and production capabilities, which is a key initiative in the scale up process.

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