SmartZyme's New Recombinant Factor VII – SZ7

SmartZyme is developing a mutated rFVIIa (“SZ7”) with improved properties for severe bleeding indications. 


We aim to provide a potent and safe coagulation agent that is highly controlled and flexible in dosing, to control bleeding in surgical procedures. 


Bleeding is a major complication of surgery and is regarded as the No.1 cause of mortality in operating rooms worldwide. 


While protocols for handling such bleeding events vary between different health centers, a common theme exists in which a bleeding event is first treated by ligation of the damaged vasculature/endothelium followed by administration of blood units, plasma and platelets. 


At this point, several other drugs are considered, with or without coagulation agents, and if bleeding is persistent, a recombinant FVIIa designed for a different indication is used in an off-label manner. This use is typically a last resort.


This common pathway to achieve hemostasis is prone for failure since coagulation agents are introduced late in the process of bleeding, after all other means have failed and significant coagulopathy has already developed. 


SZ7 – SmartZyme’s Factor VII –  is being engineered specifically to address the challenges associated with severe bleeding treatment:

  • Fast clearance and improved localization – dramatically increase safety by reducing the risk of thrombosis
  • Early administration as a first line treatment – reduce the use of blood product by orders of magnitude
  • Low minimal effective dosage – ensure cost-effectiveness
  • Flexible dosing – use as bolus or drip, including control of the drip rate

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