Meet Our Ultra-Accurate Glucose Sensing Enzyme - Engineered FAD-GDH enzyme with novel properties

High specificity to glucose  a major advantage in blood glucose measurement. Tested blood samples contain many potential molecules which might interact with the enzyme, such as other saccharides and medications, so the risk for inaccurate glucose readings is high. Enzymes that specifically react with the target analyte, while maintaining low activity toward other molecules, provide a significant advantage.


Our platform has generated modified GDH enzymes that are highly specific to glucose, reduce the risk for a bias in the reading, and provide new levels of accuracy.


A Superior Sensor:

Direct electron transfer (“DET”) to the electrode  DET eliminates the need to add external electron mediators to the biosensor and allows low operating potential. These characteristics lead to a very selective response to glucose and contribute to higher accuracy with a significant reduction in background noise.


Improved linearity – we have altered the kinetic properties of our enzyme to increase its linear range, spanning the entire physiological range of blood glucose concentration. The linear range of the enzyme determines the actual range in which the enzyme can provide reliable readings. Creating an enzyme with an increased linear range, most importantly effectively spanning the lower end of blood glucose levels, significantly increases the accuracy and reliability of glucose sensing. 


Better stability  an important property sought by glucose test strip manufacturers. All test strip manufacturers need to comply with strict shipment, storage and usage conditions, which include a relatively narrow window of environmental variables at which the test strips can be used, including limited exposure duration once test strips are removed from the vial. Improved thermostability enables a wider range of shipment, storage and usage conditions.


Go Patch GO ™

To exemplify the power of our modified enzyme for glucose sensing, we have developed a novel biosensor for subcutaneous continuous glucose reading – The Go Patch GO ™.  


The biosensor features numerous advantages:

·       Innovative CGM device which includes SmartZyme's engineered FAD-GDH enzyme

·       First biosensor which enables DET – brings highly selective, highly accurate, linear and stable glucose measurement

·       The device is minimally invasive and includes a micro needle of just 0.3mm 

·       Up to 72 hours of continuous glucose measurement

·       Will be provided at the same price of regular daily strips

·       The enzyme is blind to oxygen, and therefore does not suffer from the “oxygen effect” that currently biases the readings of other CGMs on the market


We aim to revolutionize the CGM market with a biosensor that is highly accurate across the entire physiological range, is FAD-GDH based, blind to oxygen, does not require an electron mediator and works continuously.

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